Our Writers

Welcome to CustomWritingPro.com. Our main focus is quality and we never compromise on that. We offer our writing services to all the academic levels whether it is high school, college, Masters and even Doctoral.

Selection Criterion of a Writer

We receive more than 20+ application daily of writers around the world who wants to be part of our team. They have to go through our tests and interview to be a part of CustomWritingPro. We test their skills in English Language and test whether they are proficient in English or not. They must be able to write in all formats whether it is Harvard, Chicago, APA or MLA.

They also have to give a sample essay on a topic selected by our team in a specified format. We do not only test their proficiency but how well they can write in a given time frame. Sometimes, our clients want essay within hours and our writers must be qualified to deliver papers according to their needs and requirements.

Writers Ability to Progress

Writers have to pass tests each month. It is not like they just have to clear test one time. Every month they have to take tests and on the basis of that their grade will be assigned to them.
Where do the writers come from?

Anyone can apply for being a writer but we mostly prefer writers who have English as their native language and prefer writers mostly from US, UK, Canada and Australia.