Money Back Guarantee

Most of the other Essay Writing Company tends to make promise but they do not keep them. We are one of the companies that respect the value of your money and refund it to you if you are not satisfied with us. Feel safe when placing the order on the website.

You can claim your money at any stage whether before processing, while processing and even after processing of the order.

Q. I would like to cancel the order?

Once you have decided you want to cancel the order, just fill out the refund from with your order number. We will stop your order at that particular moment and money is refunded to you. Even if we have completed the task and you are not satisfied you will receive full refund.

Q. I paid for an order twice?

In this situation write to us any moment. Your money will be refunded as soon as we see in our system you have paid two times. This generally takes 2 hours.

Q. I am not fully satisfied. There were small changes have to be made and I did it myself. I request a partial refund?

In this case, you have revised the paper by yourself and we have not done it so you can raise a request for partial refund.

Q. I am completely dissatisfied with the service of the article?

In this case you can ask for a refund or we will assign a different writer for you. Everything is done at our clients wish. However, we have face this situation seldom and unlikely to happen.